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To Sustain

In the middle of the second year of CJC's implementation of a "sustainability dues model" I want to reflect on where we are as a congregation. And, as we are still in a post-Thanksgiving glow, I want to express my gratitude. First, I am thankful for the all the support you have provided to me and Steve in our co-presidency, which has enabled our work thus far. And I am thankful for all your pledges, and especially for all who have heeded the call for supplemental pledges. All of these go toward realizing our congregational vision of Kehilah Kedosha, sacred community.

We Remember

This is the speech Rabbi Starr gave during the Community Interfaith Vigil, Monday, October 29, 2018

In 2012, 6 people died at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek Wisconsin because they were Sikhs

In June 2015, 9 people died in Charleston South Carolina because they were African Americans

In June 2016, 49 people died in Orlando Florida because they were part of the LGBT community.

In August 2017, The Dar Al-Farooq Islamic center in Bloomington, Minnesota was bombed.

Aging in Place in Howard County

From Rabbi Sonya Starr


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