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Applause for Our Unsung Heros

"One who is engaged with the needs of the community is likened to one who engages in the words of Torah-both are meritorious and bring blessing."

--Jerusalem Talmud

Learn about CJC's Unsung Heroes
Click on a date below to learn more about the honorees.

Date Volunteer
November 2018 Karina Cowan and David Sann
October 2018 Michele Krupka and David Trossman
August 2018 Ronee Rothman and Michael Levine
July 2018 Helen Ruther and Joe Herman
June 2018 Charlene Levine and Gary Toller
May 2018 Elliott Cowan and Sandy Saperstein
April 2018 Marlene Trossman and Gary Wohlstetter
March 2018 Andy Levine and Roni Berkowitz
February 2018 Renee Brimfield and Hans Plugge
January 2018 Stuart Berlin and Anna Rubin
April 2017 Ron Berkowitz and Frances Kramer
March 2017 Jon Blankman and Judy Young
February 2017 Betty Silverglate and Will Krupka
January 2017 Susan Cohen and Dan Cohen
December 2016 Joe Quill and Ethel Brandt
November 2016 Sheila Robinson and Alex Ross
October 2016 Lisa Pomerantz and Sheldon Gnatt
September 2016 Del Stanfield and Steve Zurier
August 2016 David Zinner and Karen Russell
July 2016 Bonnie Sorak and Steve Rothman
June 2016 Marcy Quill and Jon Blankman
May 2016 Glenn Unger
April 2016 ME Hughes and Josh Kaufman

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