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CJC Annual Campaign

September 18, 2017

Help CJC Thrive!
It is a tree of life for those who hold fast to it.

In May 2016, CJC’s congregation voted to change our financing structure from a “fixed dues” model to a “sustaining pledge” model, beginning with the fiscal year of the congregation that started July 1, 2017. The congregation approved a fiscal 2017 budget in December, 2016 and in January, 2017, we sent out our pledge cards. The significant positive response to our appeal helped to validate that CJC was doing the right thing with its departure from its board-defined fixed dues structure.

Through mid-September, 2017 members had pledged approximately $445,000 which, when combined with other expected income is $45,000 short of the roughly $490,000 in projected expenses (net) that we need to have our income match our expenses. (Note: Because some costs have come in under the estimate and some additional money is anticipated from High Holy Day tickets, we have reduced net expenses to $490,000 from the originally budgeted $520,000.) As agreed to by the board, we are instituting a Dedication Campaign to try and close the gap. In addition, the excitement generated by Cantor Kintisch joining our community as well as the new pledge model have had a significant impact in helping to attract members to CJC. All of the studies and whitepapers put out by other congregations that engaged in a similar revenue conversion found that revenues typically dipped in year one, but then would rise in succeeding years. We remain confident that in the near future our “sustaining pledge” model will not only enable us to finance CJC in a way that is in line with our values, but will also improve the congregation’s financial stability.

In future years, we hope to sustain the congregation through pledges alone, but we need additional funds this year to avoid having to dip into our reserves. Accordingly, we are asking congregants to help sustain our current programming by giving to this Dedication Campaign. The Dedication Campaign will run from Rosh Hashanah through Chanukah.

The act of giving is an act of introspection, selflessness and love. Giving has been an intrinsic part of Judaism for millennia. What has made the Dedication Campaign successful in past years is that all of us share the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of giving. Even the poor are called to fulfill this mitzvah. The Western Wall in Jerusalem was built during the Second Temple Period with money donated by all people including the poor. Only that Wall built by the donations of the poor who had so little to offer, but did, who shared in the opportunity to participate equally with others throughout the community, remains today.

That is the power of participating in the Dedication Campaign. We have the opportunity to participate in this mitzvah and continue to create a lasting testimony of Jewish continuity, struggle and evolution. We are looking for 100% participation from our membership.

All gifts, regardless of size, are greatly appreciated! The Days of Awe are a traditional time for giving Tzedakah, and participating now in the Dedication campaign is an opportunity to give.

We look forward to your participation and continued support for our CJC community.

Steven Kramer, co-President
Fred Thomsen, co-President

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