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CJC Annual Campaign

The Light Within!

Help ensure the vibrancy of our congregation and make certain that this year, and in the years to come, we are able to continue to inspire, teach, uplift and enrich our CJC community.

Please consider CJC in your year-end giving plans. Click here for details!

Dear Friends,

In May 2016, during CJC’s Annual Membership Meeting, we voted by acclamation to change from the current dues structure to a sustainable model starting in July, 2017. 

The current fiscal year is the year we transition to the new model and will be the last one under the structure which combines dues with fundraising.  The CJC Board of Directors has set a fundraising goal of $43,350 for our current fiscal year.  In order to ensure we continue to function and support the variety of programs that are currently available, end this year “in the black” and ease the transition into the sustainable model structure next year, we are asking you to please look inside yourself and contribute to the Annual Dedication Campaign at a higher level than you have in previous years.  The sustainable dues structure depends solely on your voluntary contributions and generosity that will determine at what level CJC will function and how many programs will be available.  

The Annual Dedication Campaign is one of two formal fundraisers we do every fiscal year under the current dues model.  The Dedication Campaign runs from Rosh Hashanah through Chanukah. The second fundraiser will be June 11, 2017 when we will come together to honor and express our gratitude to Cantor Morrison on the occasion of her retirement and celebrate her many years of faithful and dedicated service. 

Please know that your membership dues cover only a portion of the expenses incurred for what we do at CJC.  Your contribution is necessary to continue to pay salaries for our clergy and staff; support programs for education, lifecycle events, holidays, social action and community building; and rent payments for the space we occupy at Oakland Mills Interfaith Center (OMI) among other general expenses.  Your generous contribution to the Annual Dedication Campaign will also ensure that no member of our congregation is turned away for financial reasons.

The act of giving is an act of introspection, selflessness and love.  Giving has been an intrinsic part of Judaism for millennia. What makes the Dedication Campaign successful is that all of us share the opportunity to fulfill the mitzvah of giving equally.  Even the poor are called to fulfill this mitzvah.  Jewish history and archeology can illustrate this point. The Western Wall in Jerusalem was built during the Second Temple Period with money donated by all people including the poor.  Only that Wall built by the donations of the poor who had so little to offer, but did, who shared in the opportunity to participate equally with others throughout the community, remains today. 

That is the power of participating in the Annual Dedication Campaign.  We have the opportunity to participate in this mitzvah and continue to create a lasting testimony of Jewish continuity, struggle and evolution.  We are looking for 100% participation from our membership.  All gifts, regardless of size, are greatly appreciated!

You might also want to consider joining our “Arevim L’Atid” (Guarantors of the Future) group.  As a member of this group of donors, you would contribute $360 in addition to your membership dues this year.  One third of all monies received from Arevim L’Atid goes into a long-term fund to secure CJC’s future. The balance supports this year’s programs.

We look forward to your participation and continued support for our CJC community.

Stuart Berlin, President
Iris Gomez, Fundraising Chair

Click here for a list of 2016 contributors!

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