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CJC Votes to Advocate for County and State Governments

Columbia Jewish Congregation (CJC) believes that the governments of Howard County, the State of Maryland and the United States of America should take action according to the principles to love the “strangers”, to provide for their well-being, and to treat them justly. At the February 2017 meeting of the Board of Directors, CJC voted to advocate for Howard County and the State of Maryland to enact legislation consistent with these principles, legislation sometimes referred to as “sanctuary status.”

According to the CJC website, “Columbia Jewish Congregation (CJC) is a welcoming, egalitarian community affiliated with the Jewish Reconstructionist Movement. . . . CJC strives to apply Torah values . . . . to social justice challenges . . . . [and to our] public positions on important issues in our civic community.”

In striving to fulfill Jewish law, CJC donates food and clothing for those in need and engages in other service projects throughout Howard County.  The Torah teaches that we must act to meet our moral standards. These standards are not dependent on whether a person in need is in compliance with current immigration rules and procedures. CJC therefore, provides their services equally to all those in need. CJC does not deny food, clothing or other services based on a person’s religion, ethnicity, or citizenship.

CJC is an exciting, innovative congregation that continues to grow and mature into the community its members can be proud of. Please join us and help be the change you want to see. Our 2017-2018 membership pledging period is open. For more information visit CJC online, or call 410-730-6044. All services are open to the public and newcomers are warmly welcomed!

Click here to read Rabbi Starr's Testimony before Howard County Council, January 17, 2017


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