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CJCS Student Council

The Columbia Jewish Community School (CJCS) maintains a "Student Council" that is comprised of elected representatives from each of its 4th thru 7th grade Judaics classes. Guidance and direction for the Student Council is TBD with assistance by a designated aide.

The elected student representatives for the 2014-2015 school year are:

4th Grade: Kylie Scharf
5th Grade: Sarah Blackman and Josh Molinari
6th Grade:Holden Levy and Ethan Rhodes
7th Grade: Ian Cohen and Sam Levine

The Goals of the Student Council are:

  • To provide CJCS students with an opportunity to create programs and engage in activities that will be of interest to them and are in keeping with the values and purposes of CJC/S;
  • To provide CJCS students with greater familiarity with, and appreciation for, the democratic process; and
  • To provide CJCS students with an understanding of how Jewish values can inform and influence their decision-making and the use of their leadership skills.

Election of Class Representatives

The procedures by which representatives from each class are elected are established and communicated to all 4th through 7th grade students during the initial weeks of classes.

All interested students are given deadlines by which they must declare their candidacy, communicate information and ideas to their classmates, and participate in a democratic election process. ALL eligible CJCS students will be encouraged to participate to the fullest extent, either as candidates or as informed voters.

Employment of Jewish Values

It is the expectation of the CJCS Board and staff that before, during and after the election process, all students will conduct themselves at all times in a manner that reflects the positive Jewish values espoused by the Jewish texts and teachings. These include:

  • Derech Eretz (proper behavior) – people should behave in a respectful, socially acceptable manner when interacting with others.
  • Halbanat Panim – people should make every effort to avoid humiliating or embarrassing someone in public.
  • Lashon Harah, Rechilut – people are cautioned not to make statements about others, even if true (!), when it might cause harm to that person’s reputation.

The Class Representatives who are elected will be expected to:

  • Attend the meetings of the Student Council. These will take place about 2 times each month during the 10:50 – 11:10 AM break time in a designated classroom. (Representatives should understand that they will be giving up many of their break times in the cafeteria! We will, however, make some provisions to have a pizza set aside and delivered to the meetings.)
  • Report to his/her class about the Student Council discussions and other school programs.
  • Relay feedback and ideas from his/her classmates to the Student Council.
  • Help the Student Council to plan and implement activities. (Note: all such activities must be approved by the CJCS Board of Directors.) These can be different each year, but a rough sketch of the possibilities might include 1 winter/spring and 1 year-end school-wide program and/or a variety of smaller activities/projects. There are a variety of forms that these might take:
  1. school-wide with uniform preparation/participation by all of the classes;
  2. school-wide with each class preparing/participating in a different way;
  3. collaborations between the 4th & 5th and 6th & 7th grades; or
  4. completely independent programs by each class.
  • Generally serve as a leader for CJCS student body.
  • Note: those elected in the 4th, 5th & 6th grades will continue to serve in the fall of the following year, until a new election is held and new Class representatives are chosen.
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