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Donate to CJC


The financial gifts you give to CJC are greatly appreciated. Like all congregations, and many nonprofits, our operating budget is largely based on annual dues and gifts of the heart. It is our treasured value to keep our dues as low as reasonable and to make it possible for congregants who face financial difficulties to arrange payment plans and dues adjustments. It takes the generosity of each of us to continue to make this possible.

In the Torah, Exodus 25.2 offers an inspiring vision of the experience of our ancestors who received God's message through Moses to "tell the Israelite people to bring Me gifts" to build the desert sanctuary. "You shall accept gifts for Me from every person whose heart so moves." And the people donated even more than was needed! CJC asks members and friends to search their hearts and offer gifts from their hearts to help our community thrive.

There are many good and customary times to give:

  • Annual Dedication Campaign. At Rosh Hashanah, we launch our annual Dedication Campaign asking the congregation for 100% participation; donations of any size are gratefully requested.
  • L'Atid Group. During the Dedication Campaign, there is also opportunity to become a member of CJC's L'atid Group (Guarantors of the Future) by committing to donate at least $360 above dues annually. This ensures a continuous flow of revenue each year.
  • The Spring Event: Each spring CJC hosts a special event or makes a written appeal for donations. CJC invites participation at any level from 100% of the congregation.
  • Membership: Upon joining or renewing your membership, there is an opportunity to contribute a free will donation above dues.
  • Acts of Loving Kindness There is a wide variety of dedicated funds to select from for giving throughout the year at times of simchas and sorrows, such as yarzheits, birthdays, b’nai mitzvah, and other notable occasions.

  • Mazel Tov It’s a time-honored Jewish tradition to perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in honor of a simcha or special occasion as a birthday or anniversary. At CJC there are many ways to give tzedakah, you may want to consider supporting the congregation by sponsoring an Oneg or giving to any of CJC's funds.

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