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Fair Trade Gift Shop


In keeping with the spirit of Tikkun Olam, CJC has created a gift shop that features fairly traded and eco-friendly items. In doing so, we are honoring our commitment to the notion that the highest form of tzedakah is to provide opportunities for a person to become economically self-sufficient. We are also honoring the mitzvah to be shomrim adamim-guardians of the earth.

We sell organic coffee and chocolate produced by small farming cooperatives, as well as zahatar, a middle eastern seasoning, and olive oil produced through a cooperative effort of Israeli and Palestinian women. Our Chanukah gelt, also made of fair-trade, organic chocolate, is a popular holiday item.

Gift items including toys, jewelry, purses and baskets come from Vietnam, Nepal, India, Ghana and Uganda and enable women to support their families and avoid exploitation. One of our most popular items has been "kippot of many colors" made by a women's cooperative in Guatemala. We have also featured challah and matzah covers and menorahs made in a socially responsible way in Israel and in Latin American countries.

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