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CJC Adopts JSafe Policy

Acting on the premise that Jews and the Jewish community have a moral and ethical responsibility to create a safe haven for those experiencing abuse, the Board of Directors of Columbia Jewish Congregation (CJC) has approved the adoption of a policy, known as JSafe, for the protection of those who may be the subject of child abuse, elder abuse, or domestic violence in our synagogue and school.  As part of this policy, instances of observed or personally disclosed abuse of vulnerable adults or children are reported to proper authorities for further investigation.  The policy allows for a safety net for those who are the object of such abuse and do not know where to turn for help.  All reporting is completely confidential and all personnel involved must go through training on an annual basis. To date CJC is the first synagogue in the Columbia, MD area to have adopted such a policy. 

Click here to view the policy.

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