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Rabbi Ilyse S. Kramer

Kesher: Connection is a series of innovative, educational opportunities to connect a variety of populations to each other, as well as to Columbia Jewish Congregation, in particular.

Do you have an interest in learning and experiencing Judaism?
We invite you to make the connection!

As a rabbi who has been involved in many years of educational grant work projects in the Greater Washington-Baltimore area, Rabbi Ilyse Kramer has extensive and broad educational experience; as well as, a well-established reputation as an intelligent and creative adult educator. She is most interested in crafting educational experiences that focus on connecting Jewish learning and living; and bridging Jewish life and tradition with multi-faith engagement opportunities with others from rich and vibrant religious/spiritual traditions. Most importantly, Rabbi Kramer values adult educational experiences that have the potential to go beyond a “classroom” and directly connect one’s learning to life, to make connections and strengthen relationships, and to impact the spiritual landscape in Columbia, MD.


  • "Preparing for the High Holy Days"
    Reflections offered during Kabbalat Shabbat Service
    High Holy Day Retreat
    Visit to Mikvah, Baltimore: New Beginnings
    Experiential Prayer Lab Experiences
  • "Talmud Study Table and Conversation"

  • "Interfaith Study Sessions"
    Members from CJC and St. John's Catholic Church gather for study and conversation

  • Texts in Context: Reading and Interpreting the Qu'ran Today
    Continuing our Jewish-Muslim Conversation with returning speaker Mr. Alejandro Beautel, University of MD.

  • "Sephardic Series"
    Experiencing a Sephardic Passover Seder
    Sephardic Trio: An Evening of Music and Song
    Sephardic Medieval Jewish History Series
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