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Mazel Tov!


It’s a time-honored Jewish tradition to perform the mitzvah of tzedakah in honor of a simcha or special occasion as a birthday or anniversary. At CJC there are many ways to give tzedakah, you may want to consider supporting the congregation by sponsoring an Oneg or giving to any of CJC's funds

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our congregants celebrating a birthday in FEBRUARY!

Shara Alpert
Kerry Avant
Lawrence Bachman
Jeffrey Becker
Eli Becker
Paul Belin
Jason Bernstein
Fern Cohen
Alexis Croft
Riley Cummins
Jeremy Dy
Jonathan Glanz
Sara Golden
Benjamin Greenberg
Maggie Greif
Peter Hall
Jenny Haynes
Trevor Haynes
Zoey Hicks
Harold Holzman
Nicholas Hutchinson
Benjamin Jablonover
Ellen Jacobs
Meyer Jacobson
Meredith Jacobson
Rachel King
Jonathan Kittner
Michele Krupka
Matthew Lavine
Natanel Lefkowits
Abigail Levy
Holden Levy
Thomas Magsino
Trissie Manwiller
Laura McAfee
Joshua Molinari
Steven Molinari
Jason Molinari
Michael Niv
Madeline Olek
Rachel Parshall
Ruth Peng
Thomas Rados
Elliot Rodberg
Paul Ruther
Holly Sandler
Margery Sayers
Darin Segal
Joann Smetak
Risa Snyder
Ryan Sorak
Aaron Sorak
Michelle Stanfield
Alyssa Steinhorn
Faith Tabak
Robby Taylor
Eli Tucker
Laura Waldman-Cohen
Elliott Waller
Seth Wettstein
Roslyn Zinner

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to our congregants celebrating their anniversary in FEBRUARY!

Jim and Rosa Lubitz
Iris Gomez and Beth Vaughn

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