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Tzedakah Fund


The CJC Tzedakah Fund helps people in our local community (Jews and non-Jews) who need financial help as the result of an exceptional situation. Assistance is provided to assist families or individuals in acute difficulties. We have great flexibility in responding to requests.There are, of course, limits to the amount we can contribute to a single client.

We try to respond to requests within 24 hours, and we generally can make an immediate commitment. We call everyone who has contacted CJC, and in some cases that call and the interest we show are among the the most important benefits of the program

The Tzedakah Fund is independent of the CJC budget. CJC makes no contribution to the Tzedakah Fund, neither does it charge for the administrative services it provides. All our funds come from donations and from the 5% commission from the sale of Giant script. If you would like to donate to the Tzedakah Fund, please click the link below or send a check to the CJC office made payable to CJC Tzedakah Fund. If you shop at Giant, please consider using Giant scrip purchased from CJC.

We produce a quarterly report, and would be happy to email the latest issue to interested members. Just contact the CJC office.

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