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Why Join a Synagogue?

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"About a year ago, I decided to pursue becoming a Bat Mitzvah at the age of 41. I never imagined that I could learn to read Hebrew, let alone read from the Torah at this stage in my life. And now both have become a reality because Rabbi Starr, Cantor Morrison, and the CJC community have surrounded me with their loving kindness and support. I feel so blessed and honored to have the opportunity to solidify my Jewish faith and be a positive role model for my family.
      -- Marcy Quill

"Over the last couple of years, my family has been doing a brief Shabbat service on Friday before dinner when we are home - lighting the candles, saying the Kiddush and motzi, and blessing the boys. I think of our Shabbat observance as a step on my/our Jewish journey - there are ways that I think about adding to it, but I view our observance as a good step as a family in bringing sacred time into our lives. One of the most meaningful parts for me at this time is blessing the boys. In the book Blessing of a B Minus, I read about how this part of the Shabbat ritual can be especially meaningful as children become teenagers, and positive interactions with them may be less frequent, at best. Over the last several years, I've learned more about Judaism and the meaning of rituals, and I look forward to continuing to adding to my family's observances."
      -- Eileen Singleton

"It means a lot to me that I am Jewish and that I’m supporting my religion, heritage, and community by becoming a Bat Mitzvah. My decision to go full speed ahead into this gave me many rewards...Thank you to Cantor Morrison and Rabbi Starr for supporting me through this process, as well as everyone else in the CJC community. You are all very dear to me and you will always hold a special place in my heart."
      -- Marissa Scharf, age 14

"Why synagogue? To carve our a spacious safe space deep within our busy lives, making room for mystery to dwell, for compassion to blossom, human vulnerability to echo and a deeper connection celebrated with all of our body, all of our being, and all or our soul."
      -- Amichai Lau-Lavie

"The synagogue is the only place in the Jewish world that can be counted on to care about the individual Jew, and where everyone, no matter how rich or poor, is valued as having been created in the image of G-d. It is the place that attends to the pain of its members, celebrates their successes, and provides the loving embrace of community. It is the only Jewish institution that is truly democratic and takes pride in its grassroots character. And it is a place of prayer and study for Jews of every age. No other Jewish institution does these things and none will."
      -- Rabbi Eric Yoffie

"The synagogue...helps us in our quest for G-d, to evoke our sense of the sacred, to enhance our capacity to respond with wonderment to the essential mystery of life."
      -- Rabbi Alexander Schindler

"The purpose of the synagogue is to oppen up your eyes to the world."
      -- Rabbi Harold Schulweis

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